My first indie game! thanks for your playing, leave any comment if you want!!

hold on the left mouse to rotate the bow and increase the max distance of shooting

left-click the mouse to shoot the fish gun

different fish have different behavior and score

tips: pufferfish can only be caught when it is small

version 0.1 (base testing, only main sense)

version 0.2(add end sense and fix the speed problem)

version 0.3(add some sounds effect)

version 0.4(add some UI) 

version 0.5(make the bow rotate by following player's mouse)

version 0.6(add store system)

version 0.7(improve the store system)

version 0.8(improve game UI and add squid fish)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Simple concept but I actually found myself enjoying the game.

Thank you for your playing!

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I mean UI isn't all that great looking, the sprites are okay and the concept isn't exactly anything new but, it's feels pretty solid and decent for your first.

And the audio isn't exploding on my headphones. Thank you for that. Could have some SFX though.

Keep making stuff!


Thanks for your feedback about the UI and audio, it really helpful. I will work on it and prove it in the next version. 


Game was good, maybe change it so that when the pufferfish expands, it could be caught. But the graphics were good, and I experienced no lag or latency when playing the game.

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